Just random notes about Aracade items. Not organized, just random!

Cruis'n World: Linking multiple units, the version numbers should match. Version 2.0 will link with other 2.x versions but not versions lower than 2!! Very easy to switch from 1.x or 2.x to 2.3, just four chips need to be reprogrammed. U10-U13 I believe. I can do this for you if you need.

Dungeons and Dragons pinball: With the Bally 6803 MPUs you can eliminate the battery completely by replacing the srm2016c (6116 eq?) with a simtek stk25c (from pin-logic.com) This chip is on the MPU board very close to the battery. Save your PCB now and remove the battery before it ruins your PCB!! You will need to reset the settings on your machine to make it work right again. Reset to factory defaults and go from there.

Rapid Fire by Bally: Takes 85! 5/8ths pinballs. Buy chrome ball bearings, they work great and are cheaper.