A romp in the woods

While not our first time out by no means, Chris and I are fairly conservative compared to those we see in the magazines. We still have a good time and get dirty all the same; we're just more careful of damage - It's expensive to keep a truck up if you damage things all the time!

Chris is the one driving the mean green jeep machine. A nice piece of equipment! Of course, its a chevy engine powering that bad boy around, and quite nicely too I might add.

So here are some pics of Chris and I going through some puddles. heehee.

 Chris1 Chris2 Chris3 Chris4

 Dave1  Dave2

Yes, like I said, nothing extreme... yet! Heehee. Maybe on the next trip.

Our campsite:  Woods

The end results? You know, we went through worse stuff than what was pictured.. yet this is all the dirt we got. Darn, have to try again. And some how.. Chris always gets more mud, even though I did all the same runs!

 Chris  Dave   Oh, wait, I think I found some dirt! ->  Pointing

Despite my best efforts, Barney made it through the whole ordeal with nary a scratch - though a bit dirty. Heehee.  Have a look see!  Dino!

Oh yes, always ignore these signs.  Sign