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Click here for info about my 1988 suburban project. (retired, sold)
4 inch suspension lift (trailmaster), custom interior, sound system and 4 batteries!

Click here for a trip to Bitley Michigan for some off road fun
Nothing extreme, but hey, these trucks are expensive to break!

Click here for the newest project, 1997 Suburban.
6 inch superlift, 3 inch body lift and interior customizations. 3 batteries, winch, stereo, more!

Click here to see my online picture album!
Camping in the UP of Michigan, Family photos, my personal arcade, home renovations and more..

Crestron MPD module - Control your MPD via Crestron! Click here!

Arcade notes, bally 6803 and Cruis'n world Click here!

Crestron Mobile proxy! Having reset issues with my processor and using the Crestron Mobile app on the android, a proxy fixed it! Click here!

Dungeons and Dragons pinball machine topper scans. Click here!

Check out 3DK!
What the heck?

Contact me: m a d @ 3 d k.net (take out the spaces to mail)


  Reality is for people who lack imagination and
too much imagination is caused by a lack of reality.
Dave Chadwick 1999


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